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• RC-30 Specifications & Dimensions
RC-30 Features Summary
  • R-Series Traction and Support System™ (RTSS) undercarriage means high traction, low ground pressure and excellent maneuverability.
  • Undercarriage suspension gives smooth ride and stable handling.
  • Cat 3013 diesel engine with 31.5 hp (23.5 kW).
  • Ride-on operation from a comfortable cab and easy-to-use, pilot-operated controls.
  • Compact size simplifies transportation and allows excellent maneuverability.
  • Dozens of dedicated work tools available.
  • Easy service and minimal maintenance required.
RC-30: For landowners, landscapers, & rental stores
The RC-30 All Surface Loader is changing the way people think about equipment. Although it's a very compact machine, about the size of an ATV, it can perform more work in varying terrains than larger tractors or skid-steers. Owners of the RC-30 can work on top of their lawn one minute without causing turf damage to carrying a bucket load of rocks through a muddy ditch the next. For landowners and hobby farmers the RC-30 gives you control of your jobs rather than the terrain or weather dictating when your work will get done. For landscapers, rental stores, and contractors, the RC-30 means more productivity, easy transportation and happier customers.

RC-30 loader with flailmower

Precision Control
Precision low-effort joystick controls make it easy to become productive in an RC-30 in just a few hours. The operator station features excellent all-around visibility, a comfortable sitting area, and a full spectrum of gauges and switches in the heads-up position make for quick, easy access. Safety features include full ROPS/FOPS canopy, lap bar, seat belt and parking brake. Don't settle for other machines that force you to walk behind or stand on, when you can get better performance and more comfort with the RC-30.

ASV loader with backhoe

RTSS Undercarriage
The RC-30 uses an RTSS rubber-track undercarriage with suspension to give it only 2.5 psi ground pressure, making it sensitive enough to work on turf, sod, and pavement without causing damage. Yet the RC-30 has the power and traction to dig, grade, backfill, remove snow and perform a variety of other tasks

Rugged Caterpillar Diesel Engine
Equipped with a rugged Caterpillar diesel engine, the RC-30 offers excellent and reliable power. With 30 horsepower and a machine weight of only 3,000 lbs. the power to weight ratio is incredible. The RC-30's superior performance, reliability, and excellent dealer support make it a great value.

Full Line of Quick Attach Work Tools Available
A full line of hard-working quick-attach work tools give the RC-30 the power and versatility of an entire work crew. Choose from a long list of dedicated work tools that attach quickly and easily with the loader-mounted quick-attach system.

The RC-30 is also available in a Turf Edition configuration with special smooth rubber tracks

ASV loader with snowblower
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